Flowable Automated Deployment Pipeline

Does Flowable provide a feature to move the artifacts created in Flowable in DEV environment to QA environment and use configuration management like GitHub.

Developer creates an APP in Flowable DEV, publishes and manually tests that this works fine in DEV environment.
Developer wants to push this new version to GitHub.

Can Flowable push it to GitHub?

Once code is reviewed and approved in GitHub, a pipeline will push the code to Flowable QA. We can use Flowable’s REST API to gather and push artifacts (BPMN/App/DMN) to Flowable QA.

How does your customers achieve these as of today?


We use a manual process at the moment, but it would be great to have this functionality.
The main issue we face at the moment if when you import an app that already exists on the new environment (even production) you get an error about a process with he same key already existing when you try to publish.

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No, that feature doesn’t exist currently. But it is a cool and useful idea, for sure.
You’d probably be able to build something like that now (external to the apps), using the REST API’s.

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