Deploying to Different Environments

Dear all,

I’ve been working with flowable since a couple of weeks.
I’m quite new on this topic but I’ve managed to setup flowable-ui and flowable-rest war in a docker container with a MySQL instance in a different one.

I’ve been testing flowable in order to understand how to create workflow and how to call them from services provided from rest project.

As of now I’m interested in deployment process.
Since I have currently just a community edition installed locally, this is not a big deal but
in near future I would like to have the chance to decide on which environment publish an App.
I would like to have just a flowable instance at least for designing purpose.

I’ve found out this documentation Flowable Design Installation Instructions | Flowable Enterprise Documentation and I have also tried to make it work but I’m starting thinking this is a feature available only for enterprise edition.

In conclusion, may I kindly ask if there is any chance to have different environment setup in Flowable Community Edition in order to deploy from same UI instance an App in different envs such as production, staging, testing?
If so it is which kind of services should I use?

Thank you
Best Regards,