Fflowable 6 future

Hi, probably an obvious question, but I wanted to know if the 6.x release is only in “bug fixing mode” or if features from 7.x are going to be backported.

We have a really stable ( thanks! ) app version using flowable 6.7.2 and would like to plan a migration to 7 if needed.

For example, some features available on 7 but not yet on 6 ( as of 6.8.1 ):

  • Add support to dynamically create an event subscription to start a case or process instance.
  • Add support to register a filter class in the inbound channel pipeline that is invoked for all events that are being received through that channel.
  • Added an option to query for parent and root scope ids for (historic) case, process and task instances.
  • Support for dynamic Kafka message key
  • Add ability to store completer of human and user tasks in a variable

Thank you

Hey @ramirogm,

One of the main reasons for the change in version from 6 to 7 was the update for Spring 6, Spring Boot 3 and Java 17. This means that your upgrade path shouldn’t be too complex and it should be more or less similar as an update from 6.7.2 to 6.8.1.

From a future standpoint, the plan is that the 6.x release is in bug fix mode and all new features are worked on in the 7.x release.

Hope this clarifies your questions and helps you plan for the future.


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Thanks a lot for your answer Filip, we’ll plan accordingly our migration path.


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