Execution listener / ExecutionListenerExecution deprecated

Hi everyone,

I am currently experimenting “Execution listener” by studying Flowable DOCS (v 6.4.2) / 8.5.13. Execution listener.

It seems to be that the documentation example is referring some Classes/Interface which are not more supported in v 6.4.2

public class ExampleExecutionListenerOne implements ExecutionListener {

public void notify( ExecutionListenerExecution execution) throws Exception {
    execution.setVariable("variableSetInExecutionListener", "firstValue");
    execution.setVariable("eventReceived", execution.getEventName());

@Override public void notify( DelegateExecution delegateExecution ) {
    delegateExecution.setVariable("variableSetInExecutionListener", "firstValue");
    delegateExecution.setVariable("eventReceived", delegateExecution.getEventName());s


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They are supported, see here: https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/blob/master/modules/flowable-engine/src/main/java/org/flowable/engine/delegate/ExecutionListener.java

Or do you mean the docs shows an older version (with the throws Exception)

Hi Joram,

I would like to say that the snippet in the documentation (chapter 8.5.13.) includes an interface/class ExecutionListenerExecution which seems to not exist anymore in version 6

public void notify( ExecutionListenerExecution execution) throws Exception

From my springboot project I was not able to import it… seems to be an implementation related to flowable 5 that not exists anymore in flowable 6

Indeed, that’s correct. Updated here: https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/commit/82d5cc98c9f74751c89c46e4f0c0f33a1e675109, thanks!