Do we have Event Listeners for HTTP Task

The modeler says so ,but when I implemented

  public void notify(DelegateExecution execution) {"execution going on ");
    String response = (String)execution.getVariable("response");
    String executionEventName = (String) eventName.getValue(execution);"executionEventName {}",executionEventName);
    Map<String, Object> vars =  Context.getProcessEngineConfiguration().getRuntimeService().getVariables(execution.getId());"vars {}",vars);

The flow never comes to the above , code .
I am firing on start and end events.

Can you provide complete jUnit test?

I have not written any JUNIT Test for it.I have an http task in my process model, with Event Listener configured.My http task is fetching the response , and it proceeds to DMN for further action, But It never hits Execution listener.

if you want us to have a look at it (and fix it), a process xml/unit test would speed up things.