Execution Listener Variables

Hi Everyone!

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We need to register a process variable which needs to be attached to every execution our process instance creates(every task including script task). We have a class which extends the ExecutionListener to purpose the same wherein we set below in the notify() method of the ExecutionListener

public void notify(DelegateExecution execution)

But some reason this ExecutionListener is called only once (Probably as its attached to StartInstance) - so not sure how I can achieve setting a process variable in my Java code to be attached to every execution.

Note - variable needs to have unique values for every task(basically a local variable).

Below is how we register this listener.

FlowableListener somelisterner= new FlowableListener();
	somelisterner.setInstance(new SomeClass());


Any ideas?


public void notify(DelegateExecution execution)
    execution.setVariable("key", "value");

The variable should then be available in all other execution “contexes”, meaning it will be available throughout all the steps/tasks of the process.

that’s the same way I am setting but the real question is how to set it unique to an execution - like a local variable, even if you set execution.setVariablelocal() if called from startinstance of the execution listener doesn’t help. I need a way to attach it to every activity of the execution - maybe the trick is to set it to UserActivityBehavior ?

Could you explain the use case?