[Event registry] Could not find an outbound chanel adapter for channel outboundChannel

I have a process that is triggered by a message in my queue. I’ve put around 2200 messages in the queue, so flowable has created 2200 process instances. After working for a few hours almost all of them were successfully finished, except for the 3 processes, the following error occurred in logs:

My first question is - what could have been a reason for the error ? None of the deployed channel and event definitions were touched in any way while the processes were working.

Secondly, I would like to know how can I move each of the failed instances to its next step:

Usually, I would click on the current step, then click the desired step, then a button would appear, I click that and the process is moved to the next step. But “send event task” block is never rendered in process diagram (an example is seen on the screenshot), so it can’t be clicked. Is there any way to move such process to the next step or do I have to wait for next flowable versions, where the rendering hopefully will be fixed ?

Hi @aleksandrs

So you mean you’re using Start Event Registry Event followed by a Send Event Task (Just with Outbound Channel), which is followed by an Exclusive Gateway as shown.

Please answer the following questions

  1. Can you please share the Expression that you’ve on Some Queues Failed Transition Link? if any.

  2. 2197 messages choose to go None Failed Transition?

  3. 3 messages choose to go Some Queues Failed Transition? (as shown in 1 of 3 process diagrams)