Engine Locks with Intermediate Timer Catching event


New to Flowable and I just built cloned and built the latest tag (6.7.2) from Github on Windows 10. The flowable-ui app functions normally. But when I build a simple two HttpTask (www.google.com) process definition with a timer event between (PT1M) and run multiple copies of this script simultaneously (5 seems to be a magic number), the engine appears to lock up after the timeout. The UI app continues to function. The API continues to function but the 5 scripts never complete and I cannot start a new process instance (either with UI or API) of any process definition.

Have tried this with both H2 and MySql as databases.

I see the jobs present in the ACT_RUN_TIMER_JOB table and then disappear from that table after the timeout but they do not “complete”. As I said, also cannot start another process instance. A bit stuck here as I’m not familiar enough yet with the code. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

Hey @ckirk,

I believe that you are affected by the same problem as I’ve described in Parallel multi-instance subprocess not working - #4 by filiphr.

We are currently aware about this problem and are working on a potential fix for it.


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