Start a timer when running a process instance

For my project I need to run a new process instance every X time. The problem is that, if using a Start Timer event, the timed running process starts as soon as I deploy my process definition. For reasons bounded to the project logic, I can’t make the instances start with the deploy. I need to start the whole process only when I run the first instance, ad not before.
I’ve tried using an intermediate timer event to loop inside the process and make the instance restart, but it does not (of course) create a new instance, it is just the same looping over and over, but this for me is not correct.
As per my knowledge of Flowable, the only way to achieve this is to manage cron externally. But since my knowledge is very very low, I wanted to try and ask if there’s any way I could possibly do this before moving the “Loop logic” outside of Flowable.

I think if you go for your 2nd (intermediate timer event) approach but use a Call Activity, this would create a new instance of your referenced process with every iteration.

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Hi, thank you for the hint.
I’m reading the docs for Call Activity and I’ve found this:

When process execution arrives at the call activity , a new execution is created that is a sub-execution of the execution that arrived at the call activity. This sub-execution is then used to execute the sub-process, potentially creating parallel child executions, as within a regular process. The super-execution waits until the sub-process has completely ended, and continues with the original process afterwards.

So this means that every instance running and calling a new instance never finishes, right?