Interrupt Time Event broken when rebooting

I have a simple process representation for uploading a FTP File:


Where I try to upload a file to a server, but I handle some exceptions fro retrying the process: for example if the server is off-line, it retries after 5 minutes again.

For waiting these five minutes, I have an ‘intermediate timer catching event’, defined as follows:

<intermediateCatchEvent id="sid-599E1817-0659-4FE0-9101-55B46DBEA582" name="Wait 5m">

This process is run on an application using an embedded Flowable library v6.7.1 (not an external server). In general seems working fine. But when I restart the application, if some processees are waiting for this time event, I see on the table ‘ACT_RU_DEADLETTER_JOB’ a message as Unknown property used in expression: ${uploadFile}. That is the delegate expression of the system task. The bean that defines it exists, and in fact is working fine when the process is launched the first time. But when restarted, I get this error and the process is cancelled.

How can I restart a process that is waiting for a intermediate timer catching event?

Ok, seems that the root cause is Flowable UI, that is sharing the same database with my application. The reason? because I am using Flowable UI to update the process and deploy the app using its UI.

I think that when I restart my application, Flowable UI tries to execute the process and it does not have my custom bean deployed. Then it cancels the process.

According to forum I can disable the flowable UI execution. Then adding to the next line:


Fixes the issue