Elastic Search Integration for History data


Hi Flowable Team,

Are there any plans to integrate elastic search for history data.

I see the activiti team is trying this below. Something similar to this.




That talk is from when the Flowable team was still with Alfresco working on Activiti :slight_smile:

One of the super new features in Flowable is Async History, and this makes it really easy to push transactionally correct history data anywhere, including Elasticsearch. Take a look in the examples in GitHub. There’s one that uses ES as the store for machine learning, plus others that show pushing data to a message queue.



Hi Paul,
Thanks a lot. I will look into the async history example.



I have working Flowable engine with Aws Sqs and Elasticsearch ( with spring boot webflux reactive), I want to ask you about of Jms JTA async history, the question is : do I need JTA here? Because I know you have reset expired jobs executor and it’s fire when jms is down or crashed.

The only thing that’s worries me is inconsistent data into Database.
What do you recommend?