Due Date Expression

Hi folks,

  1. I have one date variable in form and want to utilize the same date as a due date for another task in process.
    I am trying to use ‘Due Date’ expression option in User Task but not able to find the right syntax.
    I tried using =={variable} etc.
    Could you please help me with Syntax.

  2. One more observation, If I set due date in absolute or relative terms, the user is still able to change the due date while completing the form in Flowable work environment. Please tell the steps to freeze the form once the due date exceed and also to restrict user from changing due date.

  1. Use ${myDate} for the due data of the second

  2. No, that’s currently not possible.

Note: this is the open source forum, for Flowable Enteprise (e.g. Work), use the https://forum.flowable.com/ forum.

Hi Joram, Thank you for reply.

I actually tried using ${DateVariable} syntax in due date option. It is still not working.

Thank you giving the link for enterprise version.