Problem with Task Escalation

First, I didn’t find a built in ‘Escalation’ routine so I decided to build one (via BPMN). Let me know if there is a built in ‘Escalation’ flow.

  1. Pick Due Date: Form with a date widget

  2. Script to parse date to ISO

    var dateStr = execution.getVariable(“pickDueDate”);
    if (dateStr) {
    var isoDate = (new Date(dateStr).toISOString());
    execution.setVariable(“dueDate1”, isoDate);
    else {
    // this fails, dont know why
    execution.setVariable(“dueDate1”, “”);

  3. Real Task: Some dummy task

  4. Handle Delay: Escalation routine to be invoked on delay


  1. This seems to work fine BUT I cannot change the due date. (after being set)
  2. Due date becomes mandatory since I am unable to set empty string in variable dueDate1