Problem with Task Escalation

First, I didn’t find a built in ‘Escalation’ routine so I decided to build one (via BPMN). Let me know if there is a built in ‘Escalation’ flow.

  1. Pick Due Date: Form with a date widget

  2. Script to parse date to ISO

    var dateStr = execution.getVariable(“pickDueDate”);
    if (dateStr) {
    var isoDate = (new Date(dateStr).toISOString());
    execution.setVariable(“dueDate1”, isoDate);
    else {
    // this fails, dont know why
    execution.setVariable(“dueDate1”, “”);

  3. Real Task: Some dummy task

  4. Handle Delay: Escalation routine to be invoked on delay


  1. This seems to work fine BUT I cannot change the due date. (after being set)
  2. Due date becomes mandatory since I am unable to set empty string in variable dueDate1

You’d need to change the dueDate of the job (you can query it through the ManagementService)

What do you mean? If you want to have a timer, it needs a due date. Or do you mean that no timer should be set when there’s no variable defined?

Also note that there’s a new escalation event type coming in the next version: Added support for escalation event type · flowable/flowable-engine@a3a36cf · GitHub

ok thanks will look into Escalation in the future