Using variable in User task name

I’m trying to have a dynamic user task name in Flowable Modeler. Basically, I have a user task and inside the name I’d like to display a date. For example: Wait For Task - ${startDate}. Variable startDate is existing.
So far I have tried following syntax but none of them works:

Wait For Task - ${startDate}
Wait For Task - #{startDate}

Whatever I try it’s just treating the whole name as a String.

@martin.grofcik Can you please advise what to do? Thanks.

That should work. Are you sure there is a process variable ‘startDate’ with a value at the time the user task is reached?

Actually, Wait For Task - #{startDate} this is changing the task name. So when you open the task, name will look like ‘Wait For Task - 2020-03-25’. But when I click on ‘Show process diagram’ it’s still displaying the static name ‘Wait For Task - #{startDate}’. I also need to display the date in the diagram, do you know if this is possible?

No, that’s not possible. The diagram is static and doesn’t do any expression resolving.

Thank you for the answer.