Download model failed

Hi, I created a model using Flowable Designer in, but when I click on download model, I got the following error:

Oops, an error occurred!

There was an error downloading the model.

I have no problem if I just create a super simple model. Not sure what to look for errors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Joey

Hey, can you share a screenshot of the model or describe what made your model “not super simple” :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this with us @carbon_60. We are going to look into why you cannot export your model.


Related question. Is the BPMN model I created using this cloud modeler compatible with open-source process engine? The reason I am asking is that I noticed quite a bit difference between this cloud-based modeler from the open-source modeler app. For example, cloud modeler supports timer boundary event duration using expression like ${my-duration}, but when I imported the XML file to the open-source modeler app, it does not recognize the expression value at all. According to open-source document, expression is supported for timer event duration, so I hope this is just a limitation of the open-source modeler app, not the open-source BPMN engine.

When using the cloud modeler with the palette “Orchestrate” (which is currently the only option) then it is compatible with the Flowable open source BPMN, CMMN and DMN engines. The sample modeler app part of open source was rarely updated since quiet a while. Therefore, I wouldn’t use it as a reference on what is supported by the Flowable engines.

Expressions for the timer (boundary) events are supported in the Flowable BPMN and CMMN engine. However, I would suggest to not use a dash (-) in the variable name since your example would mean duration subtracted from my.


Thanks Valentin for the explanation. I also recreated my model from scratch to ensure I can download it. So far, the new model which is similar to the old model is downloadable. So I am all set for now. Of course it would be nice to be able to check the log on the cloud side to see what caused the download error because I am sure other users in the future may encounter the similar problem.

Hey @carbon_60,

We have identified the reason for the error you had and we are working on a fix for it.