Send Event Task

How can i get the bpmn20.xml file of the demo?
I use the modeler to draw a send event task, it tell me One of the attributes 'class', 'delegateExpression', 'type', 'operation', or 'expression' is mandatory on serviceTask.

It is showing because Send Event Task is extended from the Service Task and ideally one of the above is required for Service Task.
You can ignore this issue and proceed using the exported BPMN file in your application because this Validation is not applicable to Send Event Task. Probably this could be a UI issue in Flowable Modeler.

@RedzRedz which version of the Flowable Modeler are you using?

@whyaneel, perhaps what you are saying is right and there was a bug in 6.5.0. However, I’ve been working with the Modeler from master and I don’t see the same error. So most likely it has been fixed.


hi @filiphr
I’d like to know which version you’re referring to, I had some issues with the modeler not running when I used the current master version. So I’d like to know what your master was at the time?