Send Task does not appear in process modeler

Because the “send task” task only appears in the “Change shape” menu and does not appear in the process modeler?

That’s because a send task is not providing specific functionality in the Flowable Engine. You can use send tasks for mail, mule and camel tasks, but they are already available in the palette. For which purpose would you need a send task?

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Actually I was translating the file stencilset_bpmn.json and I saw that there was this component but it did not appear in the modeler and it appeared in the change shape with this I found it strange. Now I understand why.

The Send Task/Intermediate Throw Event is supposed to be part of BPMN, like the Signal.
In Flowable, if, in a process, I want to send a message to another process, am I supposed to use a Signal intermediate throw event (what isn’t really the same thing, considering that a signal is supposed to be a broadcast) or a service task (hiding the fact that a message is sent internally)?
How to model in Flowable the fact that I’m sending a message to only 1 process instance and not to anyone waiting for this message(/signal)?
And even if Message and Signal are close, it isn’t the same meaning in BPMN.
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Hi William,

Could you use message throwing event for your case?


Hi Martin,
Thanks for asking :slight_smile:
It’s what I want to do, but how am I supposed to model it using the Flowable modeler? I didn’t find.
There’s a Receive Task (and an Intermediate Message Catching Event), but no Send Task (neither Intermediate Message Throwing Event) in the BPMN symbol list of the modeler.
To send something, I could only use Mail, Camel, Service, or Script task, but not Send.
But certainly I’m missing something?
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Hi William,

you are right. Sending messages is supported only thorugh API (rest, java) now. You can use java delegate in service task, as you said, or you can extend the modeler too (We will appreciate pull request.).


To be clear, here’s an example of what I need and that I’m not able to define in the Flowable modeler:

Ooops, we posted in parallel (without OptimisticLock exception fortunately… :grin:)
Thanks for the answer Martin.

Here it is :

BTW, I have posted it in the flowable-engine thread, the flowable-designer one seeming to be dead (0 commit, 0 pull request…)