DMN example to execute rules

I am new to flowable and trying to work with DMN. I am looking for any references or small example where I can see working example of DMN in executing a process.

Something in spring boot.

The best source of the truth is in the code. For example here, you can find some simple example that combine bpmn + dmn.

Thanks Joram.

I have some follow up questions.

Once we create process and decision table in flowable ui.
Do we need to publish them as app in flowable ui?
Or we can export them as .dmn and .bpmn20.xml in the project under processes and dmn folder without publishing as app ?

Let say If I make a change in decision table, do I need to again publish and import in project as well?

Hi Pradeep,

Putting both the process and decision table in an app provides a convenient way of packing, sharing and publishing artifacts (from Flowable UI) all at once to the engine(s).

You can publish the BPMN and DMN artifacts separately if you want to. Either by doing it programmatically and / or via REST.
Or by putting them on the correct class path location. By default /processes/ for processes and /dmn/ for decision tables. This will have them autodeployed on engine startup.

Hope this helps.



Do you think I can find working code for the example mentioned here

Here you can find examples on how to deploy DMN artifacts;