Deployed Application not available after Activiti 6 database migration to Flowable



We are facing a bug after having migrate an Activiti6 database to Flowable v6.3.1.
The automaically migration process based on liquibase & sql scripts provided by Flowable seems to have well done, however the tiles of the applications already deployed in Activiti6 are missing in Flowable workflow app (one can see only the Task App tile).
If one manually redeploy an application in Flowable, it appears correctly to the dashboard.
But even with this manually deployed applications, the live or completed tasks visible for the current user are not displayed into the filter “Showing your tasks filtered”.

Can you provide us some help please, at least with the last bug ?

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Which version of Activiti 6 was it - the May 2017 6.0.0 release? Also, which database?



Hello Paul,

Thanks for your answer !

I think it was the branch : I’ve retrieved in May, indeed.
The database is a PostgreSQL 9.6.5 on x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu, compiled by gcc (GCC) 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-11), 64-bit.
I am asking myself if this behavior is not related to Application database model changes in Flowable - I’ve noticed the creation of at least two new tables (ACT_APP_DEPLOYMENT and ACT_APP_DEPLOYMENT_RESOURCE) which seems related to App and App deployment in the database after the migration.
Maybe the automatic migration scripts does not cover this new features ?

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There are a number of challenges, because they released Activiti 6.0.0 after we’d left and quite a while after Flowable 6.0 was released (and we’d done quite a lot more work on the code from the time of the fork - let’s just say their release was tactical).

Did you use DB upgrade scripts or just let the auto-upgrade happen as part of the Flowable 6 WAR deployment?



I just let the auto-upgrade happen as part of the Flowable 6 WAR deployment with the property “flowable.database-schema-update” is set to “true”. Ok, I have to cheat a little with some of the *_databasechangelog tables because for some reasons the Flowable liquibase instance was unable to recognize the steps previously executed by activiti’s one but this can affect only the table creation phase which is not relevant for our case.
I discovered there are some some SQL scripts among the resources of various modules of Flowable (e.g. flowable-engine-common) and I think they at lease some of them are executed with the setup I’ve used.

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Ok. We’ll take a look at some point, but it’s messy because we’d not finished Activiti 6 before we left (not deliberate, long story). I don’t think we’ll get to it very soon just because of other enhancements we’re working on for the next Flowable release (plus the stuff that pays our salaries). We’d like to be able to offer an easy path for people to move from Activiti 6, as we expect Activiti 7 to be a bit too much (or little) for many.



Great, thank you very much, Paul !