Decision Task taking a long time to process


I am calling a DMN via Decision task in a BPMN but the call is taking around 5 minutes to complete. The input variables are present and have a valid output in the DMN table but still the task is getting stuck. After 5minutes, it gives me the correct output and continues as usual. Isn’t this behaviour unusual? Please help me debug this issue.


Yes, it is. But we’d need your process + DMN table to be able to say anything about it.

Hi @joram ,
I apologize but I won’t be able to share the process and DMN tables. But I can assure you that they work fine. The sequence of the diagram is simply a user task followed by the decision task which works normally. But I am testing out a new scenario in which I need to reach a particular activity in the flow, so I’m completing all the user tasks explicitly using the ‘complete’ method. In this case, the decision task is taking 5 mins to trigger.