Thow a BpmnError from a decision task


I hava a question about using DMN in a BPMN process. I want to achieve this process :

Is it possible to thow a BpmnError from a decision task if no rule hit ? and catch it from a Error boundary event ?

I see the flag into the decision task to throw a error if no rules were hit. I’m wait for a BpmnError here. But it’s a FlowableException I recieved.

How to model this kind of process?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @vdeygas

Currently a FlowableException is indeed thrown when the option is selected and there are no hits when executing the decision table.
Looking at it now I see that it would make sense to either;

  • provide the options to specify if a BPMN Error (and with what code) or a Java exception should be thrown when there are no hits.
  • or to provide the same exception mapping mechanisme that is available on service tasks

Could you raise a GitHub issue for this if you would like to see this implemented?




Thanks fro your reply.

I opened new issue with Support for throwing a BPMN Error from a decision task · Issue #3088 · flowable/flowable-engine · GitHub