Database migration best practice

What possible approaches can we take to perform the database migration with existing data retention?

We started off a journey with Flowable using Postgresql as the external database.
We are now considering switching Postgresql to MSSQL. Is there a way to export Flowable data into a flat file and reimport them to a different database?

No, such an export/import doesn’t exist.
Probably the trickiest area is the date/boolean columns, the data types differ most between databases.
To get an idea about the order of tables, should give you an idea (the entities map to the tables and the order there is the delete orde, and thus the order you’d need to move data wrt foreign keys).


I have got the same requirement. My flowable applications are running on Postgres DB. I need to migrate all existing data in my postgres flowable database to Oracle and also i need to update that oracle database on regular basis i.e. I need to keep both postgres db and oracle db in sync. Kindly suggest me if there is any way to acheive this.

There’s no automatic way to do this, no. The migration is one thing (which shouldn’t be too difficult), but keeping both in sync all the time will require solutions that are out of scope of Flowable.