Create BAR file and deploy programmatically


I am trying to dynamically generate the workflow file for Flowable and deploy it on the go.

There are two challenges:

  1. Create BAR file to package the XML that is generated
  2. Deploying it dynamically.

Has anyone ever tried this? If yes, could you please help or suggest an alternative

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Create a Bar file and deploy it using flowable Rest API -http://{your-app-domain}/app-api/app-repository/deployments

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@datsabk what do you mean with dynamically?

In case you mean programatically, then I don’t really see why you need the BAR file?

You can always get a hold of an AppDeploymentBuilder or DeploymentBuilder and add the bytes (XML) manually. With the Process DeploymentBuilder you can even add a BpmnModel (the process Java representation) manually.


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