Check if a version of a bar file is already deployed

Hello, a real flowable newbie here.

I’m creating a spring boot app with flowable embedded, using flowable-spring-boot-starter 6.7.0. Making progress and I am able to start the app and deploy my bar using repositoryService.createDeployment()

A problem I have now, is that every time I start my app, new versions of the process definitions and forms are deployed. I would like to deploy the bar only if it is updated, and as long as the bar file remains the same, I want to skip the deployment.

Regards, Joris

I think I found a solution.
I can set key or category to the md5 value of the bar file and query for that value to determine of the current bar file is deployed already or not.

How are you currently deploying your models? If you add them as e.g. a .bpmn20.xml file to /processes in Spring Boot, it will check for duplicate deployments (there’s a setting #enableDuplicateFiltering() on the deploymentBuilder).

I am deploying a bar file, containing a process and multiple forms.
I managed to deploy .bpmn20.xml files, but not the forms, therefore I use the bar deployment.