Create a new text field in form

Hi all,

My question is on the flowable form to create a new field.

How we can modify the form component and its property and what are the ways to modify it?

I want to configure a new group property (field) in the text form so that when I retrieve the form I can differentiate the fields by a group.

Please find the below screenshot in which I have added a group field for presentation.

Can someone guide me on how to do it using programmatically?

Thanks in advance,

Create a new following maven project with the following dependencies. (Note that the tomcat dependency is just so that you’re able to run it in an embedded tomcat for development so not really needed)


This brings in the ui-modeler app as a WAR dependency of your project. You then need to add the following build configuration to the pom:


which essentially tells maven, which files/folders to overlay in the original WAR with your modifications.
Then copy this folder to the same location in your project.
That should allow you to modify the ui modeler to your needs.
(Note that I might be missing some configuration details but not sure at the moment as mine has a lof of other