Configuring External worker task with spring boot

I need to configure external task in my flowable spring boot application. I got some idea from official document: but its not much clear and detailed. Can someone share an example on same, if there is?
Need some understanding on how to configure topic to hold AcquiredExternalWorkerJob and is topic here means JMS topic?

Any updates available on this?
Thanks in advanced.

Hey @akshaygik,

If you want to use the REST API I would suggest having a look at the ExternalWorkerAcquireJobResourceTest.

If you want to use the Java API then I would suggest having a look at the ExternalWorkerServiceTaskTest.

No this is not a JMS topic, but it is similar to it. When external worker jobs are created they are created for a certain topic. You have to specify a topic when you model them. When acquiring those jobs you have to provide the topic that you want to acquire.


Thanks a ton @filiphr solutions worked for me!!