Configure email notifications in Flowable


Here are the steps you can take to enable email

  1. Stop your flowable server.
  2. If you are using the WAR files, open WEB-INF/classes/ file
  3. In expanded mode also, you need to find the same file in any of the apps, I prefer flowable-rest.
  4. In the file add following properties{SMTP_MAIL_HOSTNAME} flowable.mail.server.port={SMTP_MAIL_PORT}
    flowable.mail.server.username={SMTP_MAIL_USER} flowable.mail.server.password={SMTP_MAIL_AUTH}

You need to put value of your SMTP hostname, port, user, password etc. in this file.

  1. Now you can close the WAR file with updated properties file.
  2. Restart the server. Now you should be able to send emails.

I am also trying to find a way to avoid the need of having to add my password to a file like this but still no luck.

Hope this helps.



Hi Pahujadeepanshu,
Thank you for the reply. i tried you solution.
i added below properties in file in flowable-rest folder{}

can you please help me what am i doing wrong


  1. Did you restart the server after adding the properties?
  2. Also, please check console for any exceptions. The exceptions would help to know the root cause.


Hi Pahujadeepanshu,
Thanks for the reply.

I tried after restart the server then also it is not working. it is showing 500 error. can you share any snapshot or some short video so that we can do. Many people are facing the same problem.


  1. Did you see any exceptions in the log files?

By default, the exceptions would be getting dumped on the console window.

How are you running flowable, as a spring boot application or as a webapp in any other server?


Hi Pabujadeepanshu,

I am using webapp in tomcat server.

it is showing “could not send email in execution” while trying to complete email task.

I am not seeing any exceptions in log files.

it is possible to connect to you and solve this issue. like 5-10 min call. if we 'll solve this error I 'll post step by step and all the configuration on this page.