Configure email notifications in Flowable


Hi shweta,

I am sorry I can’t help you. I just configured Flowable but not tested email notification in it yet.



Could point me in a more definite direction on how to implement this class?



You can find more info on how task listeners work in the docs;

And see some task listener implementation examples in GitHub;




Is there an option of keeping the password for SMTP server in encoded form in the config file or is there any other way to achieve this? Keeping a password in text form is something not too appreciated in a file as a security concern


hi sir,
build bpmn in flowable final say error your mail could not sent
how to mail transfer property panel settings use please explain



I am getting same error while using mail task


did you get a fix/soltionn for the same ?


Check server logs for exact exception containing error details. You need to provide SMTP server credentials to setup email


Thanks for response, my issue was because of tls its resolved now


how to setup the smtp server credentials in UI application please explain


please explain detail how to set up smtp


don’t understand your comment please tell clear


You cannot set SMTP credentials in UI application. You need to set some properties while launching the server. These properties will help to find SMTP credentials.

You can refer to the same in documentation here:



thank you for reply

Please step by step explain how to launching the server


hi deepanshu

give a best example task listener



I go through the link but now able to configure. can you please provide step or any snapshot.

i researched but not able to get any guide to configure. please provide it will be useful for many people.

Thank you.


Hi Rohit,

Can you please provide any resources, video or step to configure SMTP. I am using flowable modeler using Apache server. It will be helpful so many people.

Thank you.


Hi Flowable,

Are you able to solve this. if you resolved this issue then can you please provide how to resolve it.

Thank you.


hi skyup259

No solve this problem

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