CMMN Modeler Case Task not finding Attributes

I have placed Case Task on CMMN Modeler and cannot find the Scope, IN, OUT attributes.

Running latest flowable-all in one.


Defines the hierarchy of the started Case.

  • Sub case: the started Case is a child of the current Case. * Root case: the started Case is an independent top-level Case.


An optional input parameter map. Allows to pass variables into the newly created case.


An optional output parameter map. Allows to store variables of the case back to the parent case when the child case completes.


You are correct: this was not yet exposed in Flowable Modeler. Added it here:

@joram is “Scope” within the context of the Flowable Modeler?

@tjmac I am facing same issue. Did you get any solution ?

@joram Please advice Are there any work around for this issue. How can I pass parameters from parent case to sub case?

Yes. In the sub case instance, you can look up the parent case instance via the referenceId of the sub case instance. From that parent case instance, you can retrieve the case variables you need.