CMMN create unknown number of sub-cases on the fly

I have a case in which a number of sub-cases have to be started.
The case is for the translation of a document. When a document is really big, it is being split up in multiple parts so multiple users can translate at the same time.

My sub-case contains a few tasks like translate, review, …
The number of sub-cases that have to be started can vary and can change at any time; even after the cases have already started. Meaning that sub-cases must be able to be added/removed on the fly

I have done some experimenting with the “Start Case Task”
I had marked this task as repeatable, but I’m unable to start more than a single sub-case at the same time

Is there an out-of-the-box solution to do this, or do I have to go the custom way?

Is the Case Task marked as Blocking? If so, turn that option off. BLocking stops another instance being created until the last was completed.


Hi Paul, thanks for the quick reply.
Indeed I can start multiple instances now.

Is there a way to block the next action until all children have been completed?

I guess I should do something like this:
Have a trigger that starts a new single sub-case, and when that case and all others are completed, trigger another event and continue the flow.

Then you’d need blocking again.

What you can do, is make the event listener repeatable and the case task repeatable. Every time the event happens, a new case instance will be started.