Change task dependencies dynamically at runtime

Hi Team,

Is there any API through which I can use to change Tasks dependencies dynamically at runtime? For eg:
there are 5 tasks from T1 to T5.
All these tasks are sequential as per master flow
Due to some jeopardy or to expedite flow we want to change task dependencies at runtime
T1–>T2, T3, T4 --> T5 (T5 task will come into ready once T2, T3 and T4 tasks are completed)

can you suggest how we can achieve this in flowable?

Hi Team

Waiting for your input. Appreciate your support

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Changing the runtime structure of a process is typically not done (as that’s the point of defining the process model). You can do some things with the DynamicBpmnService, but what you’re describing is fundamentally changing the structure. Have you thought about looking into CMMN, which allows to have a more flexible way (with sentries that have conditions that influence when the tasks become active) to achieve this?

thanks. We will check and update you if we can achieve our functionality.

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