Adding Tasks dynamically to the process flow

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First of all many congratulations for putting together a Java BPM engine with much more features catering to the frustration of changing process properties and dealing with deployments and instance migrations.

I have been reading about the Dynamic process update features included by Flowable. I have a project specific requirement which talks about having processes in which user tasks can be added dynamically to the process definitions. Just wondering if Flowable has any feature around that, although I am exploring the Flowable engine JavaDocs to find it, however any pointers/links will be of great help.

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Hi Rishi,

Thanks. We have a branch with the changes to inject tasks and embedded sub processes at any point in the process definition and to migrate a process instance to this new process definition:

It still needs some work to make it ready to merge it to our master branch, but it shows the power of the new Flowable 6 Engine internals.

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Thank you.

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@tijs are the changes now available in any new release?
Based on the presentation ( the modeler should have a property called allowed actions where you can enable this behaviour. I see that the open source modeler don’t have it. Is there a way to enable it?