Dynamic Task at runtime for a particular Process Instance

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We are evaluating Flowable for Order Management Workflow Management, It looks suitable for microservice orchestration and developing microflows withing a microservice to manage alternate scenarios easily.

We have a use case where If the process stops/gets into error/fails manual intervention may be required for jeopardy management. In that scenario architects want the capability to insert dynamic task specific to the process instance in question and complete the flow.

i read documentation where I read about listeners, signal subscription etc.
As I am new to BPMN itself, this problem may be appearing hard to me, can the intelligentsia strong texthere guide me.


I have a suggestion, can you add events and in case of an error event, start a new process? in that process the architects can create a new flow and add tasks. I’m not sure if this solves your issue.


Thanks for replying.
Can you please explain in detail.
Any guide or blog related to what you are saying.
All this has to be done for a process instance all other instances if not in error shud follow set definition.

Requirement is to resolve jeopardy in production by introduction of a dynamic task and then the rest of flow to be completed as defined.

What you can do is use a signal throw event when you reach a ‘stop’ point in one process and have other processes listen to (or get started by) using a signal catch event.

In case you’re looking for truly dynamic injection, have a look at the DynamicBpmnService API (and tests): https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/blob/master/modules/flowable-engine/src/main/java/org/flowable/engine/DynamicBpmnService.java#L31

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Thank you Joram. I will definitely explore that.

Pranav Jha

Thanks for the details @Joram kinda what i had in mind.