Change Swagger request URL port

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I set up the flowable REST API at http://localhost:12080. Everytime I try to call an endpoint with swagger it tries to access http://localhost:8080 instead. E.g:


How can I change the port that swagger tries to access?

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Okay, I found a solution. One needs to update all the specfiles in X:\<flowable>\flowable-rest\WEB-INF\classes\static\docs\specfile and replace the old port with the new port. That’s really unhandy :frowning:

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I’ve experienced the same thing with the flowable-rest app when using the docker image that was provided.
:frowning: indeed.

Please fix it.

I’ve managed to get it all working on my station with by running it on localhost on port 8080.

But once I move all my docker containers to my “production” server, which I contact by using it’s DNS name in the browser, the HTTP request I get in Swager UI contains:

“url” : “http://localhost:8080/flowable-rest-app
instead of

:frowning: again

I guess the docker image of flowable-rest-app needs another environment variable on top of “SERVER_PORT” which is “SERVER_URL” which will be passed to Swagger.

Any thoughts on this issue ?

Anyone can help with this ?


We are aware of this issue, but didn’t find a good solution for this yet.
We’ll do some more analysis to see what are the possibilities to make this more convenient.

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