Can’t get access to Flowable-modeler, Flowable-task and other


I have deployed the following modules:

flowable-admin.war (
flowable-idm.war (
flowable-modeler.war (
flowable-rest.war (
flowable-task.war (

When I try to get access for example to the ‘flowable-modeler.war’ (, Tomcat redirects me to the ‘http://localhost:8080/flowable-idm/#/login?redirectOnAuthSuccess=true&redirectUrl= 9’ .

Let me ask what I need to do to resolve my problem with access (to flowable-admin, flowable-modeler, flowable-task) in Flowable v6.4.1 ?

Thanks in advance for your help!


I think setting the correct env variable pointing to your IDM app should get things working. Set FLOWABLE_COMMON_APP_IDM_REDIRECT_URL to and see if that helps.


Hello Yuri,

Please can you tell me more in which file i must set the correct env variable ? I 'm using the Flowable v6.4.1.