Backup / Restore of Flowable database


What is the best way to backup and restore flowable database?
Does it store everything in linked database or are there any other files elsewhere that must also be backed-up?


See: Any suggestions on how to backup history level

@Robinyo I do not think this answers the requirement I have. I am looking for something that can help us take periodic backup of flowable server and then we can use the same to restore in case of build failure.


Hey Deepanshu,

Flowable uses a normal database and there is nothing special that you need to take into consideration when doing a backup for the Flowable Database.


Thanks @filiphr. It helps. I am using BACKUP to ‘’ for online backup.
Any recommendations on this.

When history table become huge, there is a need for a proper mechanism to backup/purge them. Does flowable has any API or tools to do that?
Thank you!

You should be also saving a copy of the folder where Flowable keeps the attachments.

The property defining it is

@dan : automatic cleanup can be configured. See