All Tasks are terminated after timer event

Hi all,

I have a simple approval process. The process works fine when I have only the main path (upper path in my flow).
As soon as I add the second sub process (lower path), which will fire a reminder email after a timer event, I have the following issue:
After the timer event in the lower sub process fires, all my tasks from the upper sub process are terminated and all timers are deleted.

Thanks for your help!

It looks like you have an interrupting event subprocess, which is why it’s terminating the other components of the process. You also don’t need the parallel gateways and sequence flows going into the event subprocess:


Hi William,

thanks for the update. I tried this and the only issue I have is how to access variables that I am passing with the start on the instance. I start the workflow with:

ProcessInstance instance = runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByKey(“TopicApproval”, businessKey, variables);

I read that the variables are only available in the context of the start event. So any access from an expression in the unconnected bottom flow will lead to “unknown property” (I tested this). I want to programmatically define the timer duration in the bottom flow.
Also I do not see the non interrupting option in the eclipse designer, do I need to add this manually to the xml? I am on flowable engine 6.4.1.


The isInterrupting flag is actually on the timer start event (causes a dashed line around the timer).

I’m not seeing the same “unknown property” behavior on 6.4.1 or 6.4.2. Here’s a simple project to demonstrate:

In that project the user tasks have been replaced with service tasks and there’s a timer intermediate event to allow the event subprocess time to execute: