Adding button to display process dialog

I want to display a button on the highlighted position when user clicks on the user task element.

The button should have the similar functionality as process editor quickMenuItems buttons:

Instead of creating new BPMN element newly added button should call rest endpoint to manage debugger (e.g. create break point, run execution further …).


  1. How to create such a button?
  2. Isn’t it easier to use process modeler in “read only” mode and just display different set of buttons?
  3. How can I learn basics about oryx editor?


Hi Martin,

As we discussed in a separate conversation, I think the Raphael JS process diagram rendering is possibly the better and easier approach to implement a debugger feature. In Oryx this would also be possible, but it has a steep learning curve without much developer documentation being available. It’s mainly going through the Flowable Modeler Angular code and Oryx JS code a lot and try to understand all the internals.

Best regards,