Resume start process

Currently in the flowable-task to start a process takes the next steps:

  1. Click on the application of published process.
  2. Click on the menu “Processes.
  3. Click the button “Initiate process.
  4. If the form is not in the entertainment at first it again and click the button “Initiate process.
    Would not it be more comfortable and agile that the application icon already started the process eliminating steps 2 and 3?
    That is, when clicking the application has to carry the form if you are tied up in the activity of principle?


There’s definitely room for providing an option to start a new process with less clicks :wink:
Starting a new process instance when clicking on the application icon, that’s not what a user would expect in every case I guess. Maybe there’s another way to provide easier access to starting a new process instance.

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Any ideas how to reduce the number of clicks?

There may be 2 Flowable Task user profiles:

  1. Requesting user: You will only start the process by filling out a form.
  2. Executing user: Will perform the tasks defined in the process.

For the first user profile the click of the application icon loading the form bound to the start activity would be desirable.
But the default behavior of the tool is the click of the load icon on the Tasks menu of the process that would suit the second profile further.

NOTE: Actually the proposal would not be that the click the application icon Start the Process, but already load the form linked to the start activity and after completing the form the Start Button Process was enabled.

Passo 1

Passo 2

Passo 3

Passo 4

Could user profile 2 not see your tasks through the Task App icon?

Another option would be to add a quick start button at the right top of the app rectangle, similar to the details and edit button in the Modeler in the process overview.

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That’s what I was thinking. It could even popup a list of process names to pick from and go straight to its start form (if it had one), otherwise just start the selected process - all from the homepage. At the risk of overloading the same quick start icon, a simple click could navigate to the processes page/tab, but a click+hold would popup the list of processes to select directly.


If the “Task App” icon loads the flowable-task / workflow page with the “Tasks” menu loaded by default and displays all logged in user tasks. And it is still possible to apply Process Definition filter.
If the App icon created in Modeler loads the same page with the “Tasks” menu loaded by default displaying all open tasks of the logged in user and the specific process definition.
Do these two icons have very similar behaviors?
Could the behavior of the Process Definition App icon not have the default behavior of the “+ Start Process” button by starting the process instance directly?
Sorry for insisting on the subject. If this is not feasible this proposal add a quick start button at the right top of the rectangle app would be very interesting. But I believe that the creation of this resource would not be a priority at the moment. Right?


You’re right in terms of current priorities of the core team, there’s still a lot we want to get done in the engines :slight_smile:

The idea of the generic “Task App” is that it is for the user that doesn’t want to keep switching context (App) to do their work - all the tasks and processes they have access to are in one place. The separate App icons and views are identical in functionality, but scoped to only the tasks and processes associated with the app. So, if people like to work in distinct contexts, they can use the separate Apps.

We could look at whether the default view when you click on an App icon goes to the Start Process page instead of the Tasks page. I can see some logic in thinking that people will go to the Task App to view any open tasks (from any App), and if they go to a specific App it means they probably want to start a process. I think this is what you’re suggesting?

It feels like that should be configurable, either per user or system wide, as different people might have different preferences.

Anyone out in the community feel like adding a means of configuring the default view when opening an App? Could just be system-wide first.


My suggestion would be this yes. Do you think it’s possible to create a default behavior setting for the application icons? So that different users get different behaviors?

The core team are focused on a number of engine enhancements first. At this point in time, I wouldn’t like to say when there might be time for this particular feature. Definitely something a contribution from the community would help with.