Technical difficulties while adding a custom component to the Flowable Modeler palette


over the past month or so, I’ve been trying to add a custom component to the Flowable Modeler palette and I’ve finally got it to work yesterday. However, I’m still experiencing some technical (aesthetical) problems.

I’ve managed to find the part of the code responsible for displaying the icon of the custom component in the palette and extended it to display the icon correctly.
I’ve also managed to find the part of the code which is responsible for displaying the component and its icon in the processes overview and got it to work as well.
I haven’t yet managed to display the component icon inside the visual editor since it requires some SVG manipulation, but I’ll do it in the future. In the meantime, I’ve used the SVG used to draw the HTTP Task icon to differ my custom component from Service Tasks.
I would upload screenshots to show each of these three, but the Forum doesn’t allow new users to upload more than one image per post.

However, I’m still having trouble finding the part of the source code responsible for drawing the process diagram in the overview. All I’m getting is the Start Event icon:

Once again, the process using the custom component works fine when started from Flowable Task.

My question is:
What part of the source code is responsible for drawing the diagram in the overview so that I could modify/extend it to get it to work correctly?

EDIT: I’m modifying/extending Flowable Open Soruce v. 6.5.0

Thanks in advance,