Accessing form data from Java Code

Hi, I wanted to know about the way to get handle to data entered by user in form in the flowable-task api.
I have gone through this question which redirects to this github link for solution.
But looks like it is old code and few things have changed.

Apart from that I looked into form related classes like FormModel, FormDefinition, FormRepositoryService, FormService. But not sure how exactly I use them
->FormModel: just implements serializable
->FormDefinition: can get the informdation about form from here, but not about it’s data
->FormRepositoryService: can see methods returning formmodel, formdefinition, but i don’t think those can help in retrieval of user data from form.

Okay I am digging here and there to get the form data entered by user and have come acorss this FormInstance class, which has methods, getFormValuesId() , getFormValuesBytes().

They have below descriptions:
->getFormValuesId() - Reference to the JSON document id that contains the submitted form values
->getFormValuesBytes() - The JSON document that contains the submitted form values

I also looked in the database(POSTGRESQL) and found table act_fo_form_instance having a column of form_values_id, which is actually I think referencing to another table act_fo_form_resource.

In act_fo_form_resource, there is column with bytea datatype, I have checked that also, but the data is not there, which I entered in form.

If, anyone has any clue or idea on how to get the entered form data, let me know. Thanks in advance

Note: Form is added in a user task and after entering data in form, I am clicking on save, not on complete