Form Engine looking up form data


I am using the java api’s and I just switched from using form properties to the new form engine. While I can lookup a form instance by taskId I don’t seem to find any data structures for representing the data that was input by the user. So far I have figured out that the formValuesId in a form instance points to a record in the act_fo_form_resource table with json data like {“values”:{“uploadId”:“2cb3b196-658c-11e7-8422-024264d65c63”,“label”:“cheese”}}. But how to in terms of getting an object that represents the form data captured?

I am also not clear on the difference between the getFormValuesId and getFormValueBytes?

Ok I see my problem was I assumed all the methods that take variables were required:

getFormInstanceModelById can be called with only the form instance id and the variables left null.

This can be seen in action in

I assumed the variables passed in does some kind of merge replacing the original data