About the Modeler remodeled category

The existing open source modeler app is based on Angular 1 and has not received much love recently because of this. We’re looking for people to get involved in creating a new modeler experience that can be completely unrestricted open source.

At its heart there’s a strong library that can support much of the complex diagramming - based on the Oryx library. We feel that it’s still a good basis for an updated modeler. However, when it comes to a full app experience it means a Javascript framework needs to be selected. In our experience of what frameworks are being used in anger, we’re seeing React as the leader - but we’re open to what the community will jump behind.

As there may be other frameworks people want to use, we suggest a focus on reating a strong reusable core around the Oryx library and model-driven extensions, to minimise framework-specific capabilities.

This category is to help focus any effort towards a new, unrestricted open source modeler.

React is a good option. What is the sort of contribution you are looking for developing the new modeler?