Why Service Task do not support Category?


Could you please clarify, Why Service Task do not support Category?

I need to add a category code(like a string) on Service Task, how i can add that?

Hey @maheshus007,

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Service Task is a normal Execution and those do not support categories either. Category is something specific for the User Tasks. That is a meta data for the persisted user tasks in the DB.


Hi @filiphr,

So we need to categorize different kind of service tasks that we support. We do have different kind of user tasks which we distinguished via the category attribute(which is more of static information and need to include in the model). we are looking for a generic attribute which is common to all kind of tasks in Flowable, which we can use to distinguish our custom tasks in the business logic.

Hey @joyal.joy777,

If you have access to the FlowElement then you can put whatever you want in the extensionElements. Everything which is in the XML is available during the execution. However, not as metadata on the Execution.