BPMN Category not accessible?

Hi everyone,

The BPMN standard allows to define Category objects with multiple CategoryValue inside. However this kind of object doesn’t seem to be able to accessible from Flowable, neither the link between the tasks and those CategoryValue through the CategoryValueRef field. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,


No, Flowable doesn’t support the ‘group’ construct which is where the categoryValueRef seems to be defined. What’s your use case for this?

Hi Joram, we’re currently setting-up an architecture which involves external workers picking up tasks. We were wondering if it was possible to group tasks by category, in order to map each worker with one category.

That’s possible indeed. Another approach is to use the ‘candidateGroups’ on a user task, and have different teams pull work from the list of work for each candidateGroup (the task query has support for this).