Where is ACT_RU_ACTINST used and can i delete data from it?

Where is the table ACT_RU_ACTINST used? Can i delete data from it without affecting the running processes?

That table is used to keep track of active or complete activity instances, e.g. when using the ActivityInstanceQuery. It is needed for correct working of instances. Why do you want to remove data from it?

I’ve made something of a never ending process which sends a notification sms to users at a particular time everyday. And since the process is not ending, the ended activities remain in the ACT_RU_ACTINST forever. The data keeps piling up as the process doesn’t end so I wanted to find a way to remove the ended activities from the table.

Ok, in that case completed activities (having a non-null endTime) could be deleted.

Note that having this data won’t impact runtime performance of the instance: the data of completed instance is never fetched (unless when querying it explicitely through the API).

Thanks for the help! I’m looking to delete data as it is generating a lot of data per day and the space is being used for no reason as i don’t need it.