Process was end but records on database this process are in table act_ru_actinst


I’m using Flowable 6.4.2
I see on database that process was end. In database is record on table act_ru_actinst that the endEvent was end, but all records for this process instance are further in the table act_ru_actinst.
In my application, almost all process instances are removed from this table after they are finished, but I have three instances that were left in act_ru_actinst.
What can be done to remove the records of this process instance from this table act_ru_actinst?


If a process instance is ended, all data is removed from the tables with _ru (runtime). Can you share what kind of data is left? is there anything left in the act_ru_execution table?

Thanks for the help.
I know what the problem is. I have a parallelGateway, and one way in parallelGateway have endEvent.
First way go to end parallelGateway (I see this step in the act_ru_execution table), and the second way does not go to end parallelGateway but end on endEvent.
Can I use endEvent only on one way in parallelGateway?
How to close such hanging process instances?