Where are the IDM end points?

I’d like to use the REST interface to initialise the application with some users & groups.

The user guide says the end point is at identity/users, however this doesn’t seem to work either on the process-api endpoint or on the flowable-idm endpoint.

Ah, I see this was asked also five days ago.

I guess it should be flowable-rest/service/identity/groups and flowable-rest/service/identity/groups/{groupId}/members at least that is what the swagger ui at http://$HOST:$PORT/flowable-rest/docs/?url=specfile/process/flowable.json#/Groups displays.

Hi zwets, in my case I want my users & groups to remain outside the engine.

In the embedded-jar approach, you can achieve this by implementing some interfaces and registering them in the Engine setup.
In the REST api, the isolated engine should call your external endpoint, but I cannot see how to define this

Did you find some answer? I have same problem.