What is the use of "newVariable" property in Decision table definition

In the flowable, Build a sample decision table and downloaded the JSON definition. In the input expression of the definition, we got the property ‘newVariable’. What is the use of this property in the decision table definition.

"inputExpressions": [
				"id": "1",
				"variableId": "Category",
				"variableType": null,
				"type": "string",
				"label": "Category",
				"entries": [
				"newVariable": false,
				"complexExpression": false

But when we downloaded the definition as an XML this property isn’t available. Is there any use of this property in the definition?
Similar to the process could we able to pass data object to the decision table definition.

Hey @HarishArawala,

The JSON definition is an internal representation for the Flowable Modeler. This is used in the Flowable Modeler UI for different purposes.

Can you please explain this a bit?