Decision table: multiple variables in same column

Is it possible to access more than one variable for the same column in the decision table editor?

I know that I could access variable “x” that represents an object, and this object could have all the data I could need, but I would like to work with more than one variable for the same column.

The purpose of this is to avoid hardcoded values in DMN table, so instead I could compare a variable with some value obtained from an external source.

You can use expressions that evaluate to a boolean instead of a hardcoded value. For instance This is valid:

How could I avoid using hardcoded values such as those underlined in the image below?


You can wrap the complete call in a bean method.
Or you can replace the hardcoded values with a variable.



Hi @yvo. So it’s possible to access to multiple variables (like x and y, but I don’t want them contained in object z) in global context from within a rule (rule represented by a row in decision table)?

Yes, in my example x, y, and input were all variables set on the process prior to the decision task. It uses standard expression evaluation, so all process variables as well as any registered beans and FunctionDelegates are available.